• Paris - Xenia

    These are more images from my first shoot with Xenia. When I shoot her I capture so many great images I have a very hard time choosing my favorites. However, that is definitely a good problem to have. :)

    I love to shoot outdoors and take advantage of natural daylight. During this shoot I wanted to focus on shooting with natural elements in the background. I love nature and I love to incorporate fashion and nature any chance I get. 

  • Paris - On Set With Xenia

    Paris - On Set With Xenia

    This photo is the first photo of Xenia that I took during our first private session prior to our first editorial shoot. I had the pleasure of first meeting her during Paris Men's Fashion Week and then again during Paris Haute Couture. She is such a beautiful person from the inside out. I know she will have a very successful career. 

    I shoot outdoors a lot and thats what I had planned for the rest of the session. Being that this was the very beginning of the shoot and I had been inspired by the lighting of this location, I decided to start the shoot here. I love the way this photo came out. Window light is one of my favorite types of lighting and I love to use it whenever I shoot indoors. 

  • Paris - On Set With Teddy

    Paris - On Set With Teddy

    Paris is a place full of artist and creative individuals. it is very easy to see beautifull and colorful art pieces on the walls as you walk the streets. Artist there paint murals on the street instead of graffiti. 

    Down by the Siene where Teddy was getting her hair and makeup done for our shoot, I saw a few very cool and colorful murals that I really liked. I decided to take a few pictures of Teddy before our editorial infront of the murals. The photo above is one of my favorites from the mini session. 

  • Paris Beauty - Through my Lens

    Paris Beauty - Through my Lens

    While I was in Paris I got the pleasure of working with Xexia several times. I can honestly say that she inspires me every time. She is really nice and easy to work with which allows my creative ideas to continue flowing as the shoot progresses. This shot was taken towards the begining of our shoot and it is one that I have been in love with ever since. 

    When I am shooting I like to find new ways to try new things and always push myself into new directions. I like to engage new creative styles, effects and angles. Sometimes you don't quite achive the look you are going for, and other times you end up with something better than what you expected. 

    Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.